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The manual treatment with the GSM technique attends to the unique needs and requirements of each individual horse. In certain cases, there is an option to use electrotherapy, laser or deep wave treatment, depending on the state of different soft tissue.

The session always begins with an overall evaluation of the state of the horse’s muscles, well-being, health and fitness condition. The rider or owner should at this stage be able to offer valuable insight into any changes in the horse’s movements, rideability or behavior. The manual palpation of the horse determines the part of the horse and the muscle groups that will be the focus of the treatment. For best results and long-term benefit, it is recommended to treat your horse regularly with sport massage therapy. We will make a treatment plan together to best suit your calendar with regards to the horse’s training and competition schedule.

Caring for your horse’s muscular condition, fitness and well-being is extremely rewarding, regardless of what your goals and ambitions are, whether you are a hobby rider or competing at the top sport level.

Please take care that the horse will wait for me inside the stable, clean and dry!


The first session includes a thorough palpation, consultation with the owner or rider and planning the treatment(s). Please save 15min for consultation at the beginning of the session, before the actual treatment!

Equine Sport Massage Therapy (60min) 80€.
Price includes 24% VAT and traveling expenses (in Uusimaa, Finland).

Please contact me for prices abroad or outside Uusimaa!

Payment options:
-Card payment (with iZettle)